Eatman Associates - Manufacturers' Representatives - Rockwall TX

Our Mission:

Demand Creation and Technical Support for Niche Electronic and Mechanical Component Suppliers

Finding New Customers for Our Suppliers

We provide local decision makers with the information they need to make intelligent component and system choices. Because we have been in this market since 1988, we know literally thousands of people. 

Custom Project Management Focus

Eatman Associates has specialized in custom electronic components and subsystems since day one.  We know how to handle custom programs in a way that encourages mutual success.

Partnerships with Distribution

We have long-standing relationships with distributors who best handle the demand fulfillment side of the standard component business. Because our main business is custom, semicustom, and niche components, conflicts of interest with our distributor partners are minimized.

Merchandising Support and Lead Generation

Eatman Associates regularly exhibits at local trade shows.  We have our own displays, and can generate our own booth graphics.  In addition, we have written data sheets, technical literature, and magazine articles for our principals.